This project has ended in 2011. The content of this website is no longer maintaned, and is displayed for archive purposes until the end of 2016.

Project overview-What are we doing?

SUFACARE - Supporting Family Caregivers and Receivers

Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007-2013

Financed by "European Regional Development Fund" -INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE.

SUFACARE is a shared project between Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn University in Estonia. Arcada University of Applied Sciences functions as lead partner and coordinates project activity.

The aim of the SUFACARE project 2009-2011 is to improve working conditions, living conditions and social inclusion of family caregivers and -receivers in Finland and Estonia. The project consists of an evaluation of the caregiver-situation by survey, to find out the needs for support in following areas; their social participation, their resources and offered social services, their mental health, their physical capacity and physical environment.

The aim is to create education courses for family caregivers, as well as a general model for good and cost-efficient home care. The model should promote the mental and physical wellbeing, as well as social inclusion of family caregivers. The model shall be tested during the program in several pilot studies, and the cost/benefit relationship shall be evaluated and compared with the homecare systems which are usually in use in Estonia and Finland. The model should then be implemented in 5 different municipalities.

The model is going to be based on previous knowledge, our evaluation survey, interviews and our experiences of educational courses, professional consultations, accessibility outcome, assisted social participation and pilot studies. 

The model aims to:

  • Improve the knowledge of caregivers by education
  • Improve accessibility
  • Give supportive tools and aid systems (job breaks, immediate help etc.)
  • Increase social participation